Summer Wardrobe Haul: Topshop/Forever 21

Saturday, 2 May 2015

1) ‘Jamie’ Jeans - Topshop

Having bought 5 pairs of Topshop’s Joni jeans over the past year and wearing them to death, I thought I’d venture out. By ‘venture out’ I only mean try a different style, from the same shop, costing the same amount. When it comes to bottoms I become very picky, you’ll hardly ever see me in shorts or skirts and I stopped wearing leggings about a year ago. Jamie jeans are perfect for me, they’re elasticated, just as the Joni jeans are, they’re straight leg and obviously go with just about anything. I picked them up in a light blue colour (look at me going all out) and I’m sure I’ll be wearing them a lot over the coming months!

2) White Lace Bodycon Dress - Topshop 

This was a risk, I picked it up with the ‘it probably won’t suit me but I’ll try it on anyway’ state of mind - even more so, I picked it up in a size 12, when this time last year I would of opted for a 16 or 18. Long story short, I actually looked at the label rather than the hanger and it turned out to be a 10 so basically I can fit myself into a size 10 dress and for that reason alone I brought it. It’s super cute too.

3) Brown Loafers - New Look

After living in one particular pair of shoes for just about forever I finally found some nice flat leather shoes to wear for the summer, they’re super nice and I’m hoping to keep them that way! They were £23, made of real leather and go with a the majority of my current wardrobe. 

4) Crochet Vest Top - Forever 21

Crochet is totes in right now, I found this little gem in Forever 21 for about a fiver, it’s super cute and goes very nicely with my Jamie jeans, I’m excited to get my use out of it over the summer. It’s works perfectly for both dressing it up and dressing it down!

5) Floral Shorts - Forever 21

Admittedly, I got these even though they didn’t fit me in fitting rooms. They were far too pretty and cheap to just leave behind! I will eventually fit into them, I can see them playing a bit part in my holiday wardrobe.

6) Daisy Shorts - Topshop

These are super comfortable and perfect for wearing around the house or just chilling out in. This is probably due to the fact I found them in Topshop’s Nightwear section. I have legitimately just spent five minutes wondering whether it’s appropriate to wear them out and about and I’m going to have to conclude with a ‘maybe’. They’re cool. 

7) Paisley Print Trousers - Topshop

Venturing out further on the ‘buying new bottoms’ thing led me to buying these cool monochrome trousers. Way back when printed leggings became I thing I despised them and could never understand why anyone would want to wear them. But I kind of understand printed trousers, they look smart and I reckon I could pull them off, either with heels or flats and a nice top. 

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