The Science Museum: Cravings

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I recently took up the opportunity to visit the new ‘Cravings’ exhibition (all about well, cravings) at the Science museum in London.

I’m not particularly interested in science and I’m not going to lie, I did only go to look at the exhibition and left after half an hour and a trip around the cafe and gift shop (of course).

However I am interested in food and nutrition, which is the reason I wanted to visit in the first place. I find it interesting how the brain has so much control over your tastebuds/stomach/cravings etc.

With the recent decision made of wanting to visit more and explore new things, this was my first stop. Before heading off to Camden to eat my body weight in jerk chicken from their street food selection, obviously.

From the exhibition I learnt a lot about digestion, about why people crave certain foods and about how cravings develop whilst in the womb. 

Also did you know, the type of cutlery you eat your food with can alter the taste of the food. Neither did I.

They also played this video of a guy from the University of Oxford who’s both a chef and a scientist (woah man). He gave a demonstration on the presentation of food and basically showcased the artistry behind presentation which was really cool. 

The ‘Cravings’ exhibition is located on the ground floor of the science museum, it’s quite small but full of interesting information that you probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

If you’re ever in the South Kensington/Knightsbridge area and looking for something to do then I would definitely recommend it, and it’s free entry, woo. 

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