My Week In Photo's No.9

Sunday, 15 March 2015

This past week has been exhausting to say the least. Not in the 'I've worked so much and I'm so tired' kind of way but in the 'I feel I'm beginning to relapse again' kind of way. The fact that we had about 2 days of sunshine and then the weather became cold again didn't help. We celebrated my Dad's birthday at the beginning of the week, and I had some time off work to enjoy. I took my first trip to the beach for the year and attempted to make my Dad's birthday cake, which was a fail but I enjoyed trying. I finally got around to ordering Game of Thrones season 4, YES. As I write this it's Mothering Sunday and I am in the gym listening to the Kings of Leon and pretending I didn't eat cake for breakfast. 

I hope you all had a fab week? Did you do anything exciting? How are you spending Mother's Day? 

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