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Sunday, 8 February 2015

I’m not one for wearing make-up everywhere I go or even on a daily basis so my collection isn’t extensive, nor is it all designer. I own a basic selection of make-up products, all which make me happy and do what I want! 

1. Miss Sporty Clear Mascara

I have been using Miss Sporty since the dawn of time, the first bits of make-up I ever owned was a range of Miss Sporty products as a Christmas present. I recommend going with this brand if you’re looking for make-up on the high street and don’t want to be spending too much. I picked up this clear mascara for a couple of quid as I was passing through Boots as I was looking for something to apply after filling in my eyebrows, this clear mascara does the job brilliantly!

2. Benefit - Stay Don’t Stray

Primer’ is a word I’d never come across until last year and everything started making sense. I started to understand how girl’s make-up stayed in place for so long and I felt as if I’d unravelled the biggest secret ever. Anyway I bought this Benefit Stay Don’t Stray after finding a sample in a magazine. It worked well for my skin and did a good job of keeping my make-up in place, it was just over £20 but it’s good okay, it does the thing!

3. French Connection Eyelash Curlers

Admittedly, I got these for Christmas, and I’ve used them once since. They do their job, some people will go to extreme lengths to find good quality curlers but I can never tell the difference. I don’t know if this is just me being lazy towards make-up or a valid opinion. I mean I know women that have been using the same pair for 10 years and they still do a grand job. 

4.Benefit - High Beam

High Beam’ a.k.a my holy grail of the make-up world. If I’m feeling to lazy to wear foundation I will just wear concealer and High Beam to help give my face a small amount of colour and shape. I don’t use blusher or bronzer so I guess this is a replacement, it gives me a glow and if I had to just pick one piece of make-up to live with, it would be this. 

5. Cute Double sided mirror

Who knows where this is from, it’s cute though!

6. Clarins - Eclat Minute (Lip Gloss) .01 Rose Shimmer

When I was about 11 or 12 I had an extensive (like 5) lip gloss collection. I soon learnt that long hair and lip gloss/lip balm don’t mix very well, I soon stopped wearing anything on my lips and I’ve only just decided to give it another go. Recently I bought Clarins ‘Eclat Minute’ in shade ’01/Rose Shimmer’, which is a gorgeous light pink, as well as being a lip gloss it apparently hydrates your lips and helps with cracks and tears.

7. Benefit - Brow Zings Eyebrow Kit

When filling in your brows became a thing I was using a cheap eye shadow as a makeshift powder, a couple of months later I decided to push the boat out and actually buy a proper brow kit. Brow Zings comes with a power, a wax, two small brushes and the world’s smallest pair of tweezers. Oh and a very good quality mirror. I couldn’t be anymore pleased with the set and what I got with it for £24

8. Benefit - They’re Real Mascara

The best mascara I’ve ever come across, that is all. Benefit did such a good job with They’re Real, none of that clumpy, sticky business! They’re Real will volumize, separate and curl lashes with just a couple of strokes. It’s a well talked about product that’s been on the market for years now and it does such a wonderful job. 

9. MAC - Select Moisturecover Concealer .NW15

Buying from MAC made me feel very uncomfortable and I literally spent 15 minutes wondering around pretending to be interested in things before I was served and it sort of put me off. Anyway everyone’s always raving about it so I thought I’d try something from them and at the time I was in need of a concealer, so concealer it was. I picked up the Select Moisturecover in shade NW15, I knew this was my shade because I’d spent the 10 minutes prior to my decision painting the back of my hand and trying to look like I knew what I was doing. All in all it was £15, which isn’t too pricey, but it doesn’t do anything amazing, it’s just a concealer. 

10. Barry M Eyebrow Brush 

Barry M is another brand I’ve been buying from since the age of 14, their products are of a good and affordable quality and they have a large range of colours and shades to chose from whatever you’re after. I paid £2.99 for this brush from Superdrug. It fills in my brows as I want it to and it’s been it a brilliant condition for years, complete make-up bag staple. 

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  1. I've wanted to try Stay Dont Stray for so long, sounds great x


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