FrankBody Review: Coffee Body Scrub

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Being quite the coffee enthusiast and the lover of body scrubs, it’s a surprise it took me so long to come across FrankBody. Some genius came up with the idea to use grounded coffee as a body scrub, the concept is so weird yet so exciting, and also, sooo good!


Frank Body have a selection of 4 different scrubs, which all do different things and smell slightly different. I opted for the Cacao scrub as it targets cellulite, rough skin and stretch marks. This scrub is put together of roasted and ground robusta coffee beans, brown sugar and sea salt to cleanse and clarify and then to finish off it has cold pressed almond and macadamia oil to soften and moisturise the skin.

My order cost £12.95, included free postage, packaging and shipping and arrived within 3 days. I’ve never been so pleased with a delivery! 

The great thing about their products is that none of them are tested on animals, the products are in recyclable materials, i.e. envelopes, and so they are very much environmentally friendly, as well as brilliantly smelling (the scrub, not the envelopes)! I tend to empty mine into a tuber ware box to keep in the bathroom rather than leaving the envelope to disintegrate on the side. 

I’m so impressed with the service, product and company as a whole and I will definitely be trying out their other scrubs in the future. 

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