Let's Talk: Camden

Monday, 5 January 2015

There’s no where in the big city quite like it, it’s iconic, kitsch and perfect for bit-pop and punk enthusiasts. The streets are filled with the aroma of foreign cuisine and every type of clothing store you can imagine, there’s everything from jumpers, snapbacks and sunglasses to dainty dresses and retro jewellery. 

Camden is renowned both for its authentic high street and its attractive open-air Market Place . The Market Place can be found in the middle of the high street adjacent to the Camden Lock, which is also a pleasing visit. 

The Market Place is a wonderfully tranquil environment hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of tourist filled streets. The market extends to the courtyard of the building and gives visitors the opportunity to buy everything from vegan chocolate and fridge magnets to incense and henna. Just by looking at some of the treasures you find you can tell they’ve been crafted together with love and care. 

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a lot of places and meet a lot of people and I can easily say the people I’ve met in Camden have been the friendliest, kindest and most honest. Even those who struggle to make the money they need and struggle to sell their goods, they still seem to have a smile. 

Besides The Market Place you will find the Camden Lock, providing a range of street food, restaurants, independent craft shops and tranquil coffee shops. Why not unwind beside the water and enjoy some locally produced grub?!

 If you ever find yourself traipsing around the capital looking for somewhere to explore, Camden is the place. If you’re clever there’s so many bargains to be found and so many places to be seen, even if it’s just the once! Camden is in the north of London and just a few stops on the Northern Line from Waterloo, you’re welcome! 

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