How To: A Beginners Guide to eBay

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The idea of selling your belonging online and receiving money for them seems like a pretty straightforward concept but it can become kind of confusing sometimes!

I started out on eBay back in 2009 and I swear I must of spent an entire day googling things such as ‘eBay help’ and ‘eBay for beginners’. I was so puzzled, all I wanted to do was sell my old clothes.

The obvious place to start with any website that’s new to you is to create an account. From what I remember it doesn’t take long to create an account and profile. You will also need to set up a Paypal account which is the website people will use to pay you through. If you’re looking to buy things on eBay as well, you will need to pay via Paypal so it can become pretty useful in the long run!

After setting up your account and profile you need to decide on what it is you want to sell, maybe you’ve got old clothes you want to get rid of or a collection of books you finished reading a while back. Whatever it is make sure it’s in half decent condition and ask yourself whether somebody would actually want it, you want to be making money, not loosing it at the first opportunity.


eBay works in the same way as car boot sales in the way that you have to be careful of people, some people will try and haggle a price with you or take a while to send the payment, a lot of people use eBay to make a living wage or run business’. The idea is to just pretend to know what you’re doing and be polite to people. 

Once you’ve decided what you want to sell, log into the website and along the toolbar at the top you should see an option for ‘sell’ in-between ‘daily deals’ and ‘help and contact’ - this option will take you through to a straightforward form which will ask for you to upload pictures of your item, write a short description and fill in a few multiple choice questions. 

You will have to pay 50p insertion fee per item, but hopefully you’ll make that back!

It takes a while for people to notice your items so just hang in there, putting items up for 7 days is a good idea as it gives time for people to ponder over it. If you don’t make as much money as you were expecting, don’t worry, you can never predict how much other people are willing to pay!

Whilst listing your item on eBay they will calculate how heavy it is and recommend postage for you, you get the option of offering free p&p to your customers or you can charge. You also get the option of sending your items overseas, but if you don’t want to do that you can just unclick the option under the postage section during the listing process.

When it comes to the end of the week and you need to send your items off, make sure you’re prepared with envelopes/boxes/bubble wrap/cello-tape - all of which you can buy very cheap in any post office. Be sure to wrap the items up properly, no-one wants to receive a package that’s falling apart or second hand clothes that haven’t been washed, lets be honest. 

If your item hasn’t sold by the end of the week, either eBay will automatically re-list it or you can take it off - it’s not the end of the world!


  1. I was exactly the same when I started on eBay! Great post xx

  2. This is such a great idea for a post! Ebay can be tricky for newbies but helps to have a guide like this. I really should get round to posting some stuff up soon to make way for a S/S wardrobe! Love your blog xx

    Sophie Elizabeth


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