Christmas Sales Haul

Sunday, 4 January 2015


'Christmas Sales Haul' A.K.A 'what I bought in the Boxing day sale which actually started on Christmas Eve which is stupid and annoying especially for those of us that work in retail', *cough*...

1) Black Leather Snakeskin Tote Bag - New Look £69.99

I bought a new handbag. I do not need a new handbag. My new handbag doesn’t even fit in my locker at work. It’s from New Look’s ‘Luxury’ collection, which means it’s real leather and it cost the best part of £100. It’s really heavy but you fit a lot in there, thanks to it’s pockets and compartments. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to use it for seeming as I can’t really take it to work but it’s pretty. 

2) Red Closed Toe Slip-On Heels - Primark £15

No, they’re not black, and no they’re probably not considered a ‘small heel’ but I kind of like them. I’m hoping they’ll encourage me to buy a colourful dress to go with them. Very comfortable, and a complete bargain at £15, I’m sure I’ll get my use out of these in the spring and summer. 

3) Jamie’s Comfort Food (By Jamie Oliver) - Waterstones £15 (Reduced from £30!!)

I’m a sucker for a cook book, I work in a restaurant so sometimes it feels as if my life is food orientated. Over the past couple of months I’ve heard a lot about this book, about Jamie releasing it and about the party he had etc. It’s so nice to finally find a cook book with food in that people will actually eat. Some books you get you find recipes that no-one would ever make let alone eat. It’s got both sweet and savoury ideas for every occasion and the best bit is, I got it half price! 

4) Gold Hooped Earrings - New Look £1.99

Gold jewellery wins every time, I picked up these basic gold hoop earrings in New Look for just £1.99. I’ve started buying a lot more earrings recently, I have no idea why, but there’s so many pretty ones! 

5) Mask of Magnaminty - Lush £5.50/£9.75

I’ve been using Lush’s range of face masks for the past couple of years, I’ve tried out a few and I’ve been left fairly disappointed. I feel as if they haven’t been benefitting my skin at all. It also doesn’t help that as they are natural products they have a use by date of about 3 weeks. However, I went in to the shop to browse the ones I hadn’t yet tried. Nothing immediately appealed to me so I carried on looking around the shop. On the side nearby I found the ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ which can be used both as a face mask and a body mask. I’m even more delighted to find it’s self-preserving, so it doesn’t have a 3 week use by date! It’s said to ‘clean, calm and clear the skin’ so I’m looking forward to trying it out. 

6) The Olive Branch - Lush £4.75/£9.50/£15.95

The Olive Branch is a refreshing shower gel which will leave you feel like you’ve bathed in the middle of a rainforest (in a nice way). Packed with good quality fair trade olive oil, bergamot oil and a vine leaf infusion, leaving your skin feel fresh and smelling a-m-axing. 

7) How to be Parisian Wherever you are (By Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline De Maigret & Anna Berest) - Waterstones £14.99 (Reduced from £16.99) 

Every girl I know has a copy of this book and I now understand the hype around it. It’s so cool. It offers everything a young girl could want and need, from style tips to love and lifestyle advice. How to be Parisian Wherever you are is a charmingly brilliant book with just every bit of help and advice a late teen/early twenties girl could ask for!

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