Blue Monday

Monday, 19 January 2015

Today, Monday 19th January, is seen to be the most depressing day of the year, or ‘Blue Monday’. It’s a Monday and we still have a full week ahead of us before the weekend, everybody’s still trying to justify the amount of money they spent over Christmas and making it a temporary resolution to become more careful with their wages. The idea of losing weight and living off of water and lettuce has because less and less appealing as the days go by and it’s cold, it’s so flippin’ cold, like all the time!

Well, folks. (Did I really just use the word ‘folks’?, who am I?) I am determined to beat this Blue Monday thing and act positively. Even if I am spending the day with no plans and no money and oh look no food in the house, it will probably rain too…

Here’s some spontaneous ideas of how you can brighten up your working day…

1) Consider today your treat day (I abide by this rule 6 days a week - hence why I’m constantly broke)  Eat all the food you want without feeling bad, be selfish, watch your favourite tv shows and movies, have a pamper night, etc etc.

2) Listen to my Blue Monday playlist which doesn’t have any blues music on it

3) Put a to-do list together for this week, you can include minimal tasks such as do laundry and buy milk to things such as finish project, clear out bedroom, arrange social events etc. You’ll feel so much better when you begin to tick things off

4) Give compliments without expecting any back

5) Find time to appreciate that you’re in good physical condition, your lungs work, you can walk down the street, you have your vision, appreciation and acceptance are a large part of happiness

6) Attempt to go a whole day without complaining or sighing, if you manage it, why not extend it to a week?

7) Set yourself the goal of saying ‘yes’ to everything all day. Even ‘do you want this extra large portion of fresh greasy food for lunch?’ and ‘Shall we go shopping at the weekend?’ (ignoring all finical related problems, of course)

9) Laugh to yourself as you read through other articles on beating January blues and how all the pictures they’ve used involve happy couples playing in the snow and wonder where you fit into the equation or if they’re all aimed at ‘adults’ 

10) Enjoy as much sunlight as possible before it starts raining, again

11) I also put together a cool Blue Monday playlist

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