Why You Should Make New Years Resolutions This Year

Monday, 29 December 2014

You and I both know you don't make resolutions anymore, especially after that friend of yours made you realise how pointless they are and how you always seem to give up after 3 weeks and submerge yourself back into a food coma. 

But regardless of what you've heard, I believe they're still important, especially if you're young. Okay maybe 'stop eating chocolate and crisps' isn't that important. We all know that's never going to last for 12 months let's be honest. 
Setting yourself realistic goals for the year such as 'get a new job' or 'go out more with friends' can really benefit. For 2014 one of my resolutions was to become more social and go out with friends more. No, it didn’t stop me being an introvert and preferring my own company over anyone else’s, but it did introduce me to new friends, new places and new experiences. As stupid as it sounds, I’m proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and trying new things!

I’ve always been one for setting goals and targets and there’s nothing I love more than writing a list. Making your way through a ‘to-do list’ can be so therapeutic and lists are such an easy way to keep organised - even if it’s just a shopping list.

The top category for new years resolution is ‘lose weight’, closely followed by ‘get organised’ and it’s said that only 8% of people make it to the end of the year achieving their goals. 

I understand what’s meant by ‘why wait for the new year, why not just start doing it now?’ and I was one of those people that said that for a while. But setting out clear goals and aims for the coming year excites me, it makes me feel organised and ready, it can also give you time to prepare, if it’s a big change you’re going to be making. 

It’s all about taking big goals and breaking them down into monthly, weekly and even daily targets (I’ve read about this!). For example rather than saying ‘lose weight’ you could aim to start eating more fruit or join a fitness class. It’s so cheesy, but anything is possible.

My resolutions for the new year are to apply for that job I’ve had my eye on, finally learn to drive, to continue saying yes to friends, to cook more and to read more frequently. How are your resolutions going? Did you have any for this year you managed to stick to?

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