Ways To Help With Relapse

Monday, 8 December 2014

1) People. Sometimes surrounding yourself with people can take your mind off things quicker than anything else. Even if you just go for a walk or for coffee, doing it with someone else can be much more fun and it will help you to appreciate the people around you. Once you meet up with an old friend they might suggest plans to do it again!

2) Hot chocolate. It takes 2 minutes to make instant hot chocolate and it will leave you happy for the rest of the day

3) Meditation/Yoga. I have to confess, I don’t make enough time for yoga or meditation as I would like. But when I do, I love it. You don’t need any fancy mats or candles or incense, just some peace and quiet and space to yourself. Yoga will stretch your bones and encourage your body to become more flexible whereas meditation will relax you and instantly help you unwind.  

4) Reading. It doesn’t matter what you’re reading, just stick to it.

5) Treat yo’self. It’s important to treat yourself, to give yourself little things to look forward to. Whether it’s buying something nice for dinner or buying a new jumper or choosing a full fat hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows rather than a sodding green tea, it’s important to have something to look forward to. Sometimes it’s worth living off £50 for 2 ply toilet paper for 3 weeks just so you can feel like Beyonce for a while.

6) Exercise. Running, swimming, cycling, even walking. If someone were to have told me that I was going to be diagnosed with depression and gain an addiction to going to the gym I would have thought they were mad. But it really helps, need I mention the amount of weight it helped me lose. 

7) Apps. If you’re far too anxious to ask for help or talk to people, there are plenty of apps and websites out there to help in times of struggle. I’ve come across so many i the past but ones I’ve enjoyed the most are called ‘Headspace’ and ‘SAM’ (Self-help Anxiety Management). 

Headspace is meditation made easy. It offers you a 10 minute session everyday for 10 days with it’s ‘take 10’ programme. You can then move onto different activities in areas such as ‘anxiety’ and ‘creativity’ lasting from 2 minutes to an hour. The activities on the app are proven to relax your mind and also help you sleep better. 

SAM is short for Self-help anxiety management and is an app created by students at the UEA. SAM is a self help app that helps people learn more about anxiety, what’s going on in their mind and how it can be helped. It will offer you help and support as soon as you need it. I personally think it’s easier to look after your mind once you know what’s going on and SAM is a great teacher. 

8) Cleaning. An organised work space means an organised mind. The messier things are the more stressed you will become. Just at least try and keep things tidy.

9) Healthy eating. Eating well can boost your immune system, help you feel better and help you maintain or lose weight. Yes it may be more expensive to buy fruit and veg and it may go off quicker but there’s so much you can do with it if you get creative. Your body will love you for it!

10) Holiday. This is obviously one of the more difficult of relapse strategies, but it can be one of the best. Even if you just manage to get away for a long weekend, a change of scenery and quality time with friends and family can really help pick you up when you need it. 

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