Christmas Tag 2014

Monday, 22 December 2014

1) Favourite Christmas Movie

I will be completely honest, I haven’t seen many Christmas movies, they’ve never really been a ‘thing’ in my house/family. I’d have to say my favourite is either Home Alone or The Polar Bear Express. 

2) Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Neither. We usually wait until Christmas afternoon, for various reasons. It’s kind of annoying but it’s always worth the wait in the end and it means you get the morning to catch up with family beforehand I guess. 

3) Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

When I was younger and we had more family to spend Christmas with, we used to go to my Nan’s for the day and in the evening we’d always walk down to one of the streets in her area which was very well known for their ridiculous christmas lights. Lots of families always had the same idea and it was always a nice way to end the day. 

4) Do you have a favourite festive food?

I’m assuming chocolate is too generic? Other than that it would have to be mince pies, even if I do end up eating them from October through to February!

5) Favourite Christmas gift?

I must of been about 12 or 13 when I received it but my all time favourite gift would be my iPod nano, it was bright pink and full of ‘tunez’.

6) Favourite Christmas scent?

Nothing says Christmas quite like waking up to the smell of turkey in the oven so it would have to be that. It’s not everyday lunch begins to be prepared at 9am. 

7) Do you have any Christmas eve traditions?

On Christmas Eve we usually have family and friends over for dinner and drinks, whatever else happens during the evening changes from year to year but it’s always fun.

8) What tops your tree?

This year there is a cardboard star covered in glitter at the top, which my brother made at school about 6 years ago, aw.

9) As a kid what was the one gift you always asked for but never received?

I honestly don’t have an answer for this question, nothing stands out in terms of what I wanted.

10) What is the best part about Christmas for you?

What makes Christmas great is a combination of family and friends and food and drink and presents and everything, I’m unable to put it down to one point because it’s all wonderful. 

I'm not tagging anyone specific, feel free to do it!

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