How To: Scrapbook

Saturday, 1 November 2014

(I feel like I’m on Art Attack writing this)
Scrapbooking is a fun and super easy way of both treasuring and presenting photo’s, tickets, cards and memories. You can decorate it as much or as little as you want, with whatever you want!

Over the past decade I’ve been collecting photo’s/various celebration cards/tickets/general memorabilia in a shoe box and I’ve finally got around to putting it all together in a scrapbook. I’m quite the perfectionist which is why I think I’ve been putting it off for so long, but I decided it needs doing now. With that in mind I headed for Paperchase and brought everything in sight, I’m not kidding.

You Will Need…

An empty book (size and style are up to you!)
A glue stick/cello tape/PVA
Photo’s/tickets/cards/anything you want to go in 
Stickers/felt tips/paint/tissue paper/ribbons/decorative items  

How To Do…

Open out the first page and arrange photo’s as you so wish, glue down, decorate the remainder of the page and continue until you run out of things to put into your scrapbook!

(Over time you will obviously collect more and be able to add to it so don’t worry if it starts off quite empty)

Top Tips…

Arrange and organise your pages before you stick anything down

It’s up to you how you do it, as a timeline or having different sections for different parts of your life etc. 

Glue dots are a good alternative for sticking things down and work in a similar way to blue tac, you can find them in any stationary/craft shop or supermarket 

Just be creative with it!

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