Dear Autumn,

Sunday, 12 October 2014

It’s Sunday and I’m already tired. It’s my one day off this week and it’s the one day I can spend in bed, or in front of the TV, or wrapped in blankets eating my way through the kitchen. But do I? Do I hell.

You see that’s the thing about being a naturally busy person, I constantly have to be busy, something always needs to be happening and I need to be progressing. Otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted time. 

I spend a lot of time wishing to have just one day where I stay in bed and do nothing more than watch movies and eat my body weight in junk food, but then I’ll have a day off and I’ll immediately feel the need to put together a ‘to-do list’ for the day and won’t stop until everything is done.

I’m glad you’re here though, autumn, I really am. Wind, rain, jumpers, hot chocolate, halloween and the countdown to Christmas. 

Celebrating seasons and holidays as an adult for the first time is something I look forward to this year.

A lot has changed in the past twelve months whilst you’ve been gone but I’m sure you’ll catch up soon enough. I’m happy to see you return but I’ll be happier to see the end of this year and make a fresh start in the middle of winter. 

For now though, I will cover my self in blankets and drink my body weight in tea and biscuits and hope for a little less rain tomorrow.

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  1. I am exactly the same! When I'm super busy, I moan about wanting to watch catch up tv all day but when I get the chance to, I can't even sit still! At least we're productive people :) but it would be nice to just chill for a day without feeling guilty about it.

    Great post :)



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