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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Not too long ago I decided that it was about time I’d put together a scrapbook. Over the past 7/8 years I’ve been collecting photo’s/tickets/general memorabilia from places I’ve been and it’s been piling up in an old shoe box. After putting it off for so long I decided that it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, I’m just going to get on and do it. With that in mind I headed to Paperchase and brought everything in sight, I’m not kidding. 

Being born in the generation where physical photo albums turned into Facebook photo albums and Instagram posts, half the pictures I wanted to use were hanging around on the interwebs. I’d always heard about printing your pictures off professionally and all the wonderful things you could do with them so I googled something simple ‘print instagram pictures’ and was linked to 

Printstagram are an independent printing company based in the states. They seem to be a very arty bunch of people and offer a million ways to print your instagram’s. (By ‘a million’ I mean twenty). You can choose from t-shirts to fridge magnets to greetings cards and they’re all super good quality!

I ordered a set of photostrips for my Instagram photo’s and a set of 4x4 squares, which I had some of my favourite quotes printed onto. After postage, packaging and shipping I think it all came to about £35.

My photostrips and squares arrived separately but within a week of ordering they were both here, from the other side of the atlantic, the power of the internet ey?!

They arrived like so… 


I was very impressed with how well packaged they were and how much care and attention had been put into my order/s. The quality of the prints are incredible, they even put in one of their business cards and some free stickers.


The people at Printstagram were very helpful and the website is very straightforward. If you have a problem, concern or query they’re more then willing to help you out how and where they can. I can’t speak of the company highly enough! 

Watch out for my post on scrapbooking!

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