15 Reasons Why Your School Years Were The Best

Sunday, 21 September 2014

1) For the first 3 years there was no pressure to pass exams or plan the next 10 years of your life

2) You didn’t have to make time or set dates to see friends as you spent six hours a day with them

3) Half terms, Easter holidays, Christmas holidays and summer holiday - need I say more

4) Underage drinking and house parties

5) Using a bunsen burner to burn everything within an arms length including rulers, crisps and spinets

6) The choice of school bags and pencil cases and being able to justify buying far too much stationary

7) End of term celebrations including films, sweets, music, half days and basically getting away with murder

8) The pure satisfaction of secretly making your way through the bag of crisps stashed in your blazer pocket whilst in class

9) Not having to worry about not having enough money for lunch or washing your own uniform every week

10) Finishing your day by 3pm and being home by 3:30 tops

11) Non school uniform days were the talk of the town

12) You could easily tell if someone liked you thanks to Bebo and its ‘love’ system

13) Trying to impress the new male PE teachers by signing up to every extra curricular sports club going, whilst ignoring the age gap, his wedding ring and the law

14) The only kind of debt you could possibly be in would be from borrowing money from friends for food

15) Not having to worry about the length of your skirt or whether your hair looked greasy, nobody even knew what body confidence was in 2007

Even if we all thought it was absolutely no fun at the time, we can all look back at our school years now and wish we'd realised how easy we had it! 

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