19 Signs you're an actual adult

Sunday, 24 August 2014

After the fun of buying alcohol, clubbing and voting in political elections wears off you’re left with taxes, crappy jobs and well, ‘responsibilities’. Oh and the constant curiosity of just where your childhood went. 

1) Younger friends will begin to ask you for advice, this will scare you

2) Remember those ‘all-nighters’ that everyone used to boast about? Well you can forget them because sleep will now be your best friend

3) Staying up past midnight isn’t as easy or fun as it used to be

4) Fruit. As in ‘I’ll have the zesty lemon cake rather than the melty dreamy chocolate fudge option’ 

5) To-do lists will actually become a very useful thing

6) 60% of your bag is full of ‘just in case’ items, tissues, pens, hairbands, chewing gum, plasters etc.

7) Bones and muscles you never even knew you had will start to ache for no reason whatsoever and you’ll begin to feel 65 and ready for retirement 

8) Facebook will become a mere chore that needs to be seen to ‘just in case’

9) You seem to have acquired a bottle of olive oil, regardless of the fact you’re still not entirely how it’s supposed to be used

10) The oh so dreaded tax will start being taken out of your bank every month, this will lead you to wonder where it’s actually going, what it’s being used for and will give you a mild interest in politics for a couple of months

11) You will primarily hate the government, regardless of who’s in charge.

12) ’Summer’ will last for a grand total of one week as opposed to the six weeks you get during school

13) You will begin to feel the need to eat healthier and look after your body

14) You feel appalled by the number of teenagers hanging around outside shops, taking over parks and basically loitering everywhere

15) Most of your spare time will be spent running errands or doing housework

16) 75% of your time is spent considering whether or not you are an actual adult

17) You’ll begin to feel as if you’re reason for global warming whenever you fail to recycle rubbish 

18) Taking care of your garden and visiting garden centres will actually become enjoyable 

19) You become used to people coming and going and have learnt not to make a fuss when somebody leaves 


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