Super Easy Homemade Granola Recipe

Monday, 7 July 2014

I like to say I'm 'semi-lactose-intolerent' but this is just my excuse for not liking milk much anymore. Breakfast is quite a struggle when you don't want milk or fried food and only have about 7 minutes otherwise you're going to be late for work. Again. 

So I decided to start making homemade granola, or as my brother likes to call it 'bird food'. It's half healthy and you can add almost anything to it, the combinations are endlessssssss.

Things you will need:

Porridge Oats/Rolled Oats/Oats
Maple Syrup
Vanilla Extract
(measurements aren't my thing)


1) Get a mixing bowl and pour some oats in (it depends on how much you're planning to make/eat...)

2) Squeeze in some honey (like 4 tbsps worth)

3) Add some maple syrup (maybe 4 tbsps again)

4) Pour in some vanilla extract and everything together until everything sticks together (I realise how vague this is, haha, sorry)

5) Heat your oven to 160°/180° and grease a flat baking tray, you might find it easier to use greaseproof paper, I do.

6) Pour granola mix onto tray like so and pop in the oven. Give it ten minutes, or until it's golden brown, wait until it cools down and serve with natural yogurt/fruit/anything you want basically.


1 comment:

  1. this sounds amazing - granola is one of my fave foods! Definitely trying this as it sounds so easy :) x


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