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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Despite working all week, I somehow managed to squeeze in a bit of retail therapy and buy myself a few new bits, I've read and watched other people's hauls for years now so I thought 'why not do my own?!'

(from bottom left)

1. 365 Days of Inspiration by Lizzie Cornwall

For just under six quid, this book is an endless wonder. It basically gives you one inspirational activity to do each day of the year from the 1st of January right up until December 31st. Packed full of quotes and crazy ideas, I found this book in Urban Outfitters.

2. Carpe Diem by Summersdale

Another 'under six quid bargain from Urban Outfitters'. This book is packed full of inspirational quotes from many great people. The only reason I picked it up was because I thought it would be quite nice to read through after a bad day!

3. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

Yes we may be living in the 21st century and yes it would of been cheaper and quicker to just Google recipes but I do love to buy cook book's. I love to cook and bake in my free time and I have a ridiculous amount of recipe books sat in my kitchen cupboard. The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook consists of recipes for cupcakes, cookies, pies and much much more. I got it for £16.99 but the price may vary depending on where you buy it from. Not only are the recipes fantastic, the photography is also amazing. The book's a number 1 best seller so I'm clearly not the only one that enjoys it.

4. Set of 3 Cath Kidston Notebooks

In an effort to become more organised I bought myself a set of notebooks with the intention of turning one into a diary. It's not until I sat down to write in important dates and events that I realised how little I've got planned for the next few months. I quite like it that way though, it leaves room for spontaneity and last minute plans. I'm not sure what I'm going to use the other two for but I'm sure I'll a use for them soon. I got the set of 3 for £10.00 from John Lewis!

5. Orla Kiely Notebook

I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for the last few years and since then I've been given some very good advice and I've found inspirational quotes all over the place. I bought this teeny tiny notebook with the intention of filling it with inspirational quotes and advice and being able to carry it in my handbag so I've got something good to look through if I'm having a bad day. It's self reassurance on the go I guess. I also picked this notebook up in John Lewis for £7.00.

6. Heart Shaped Biscuit Cutter

The only reason I got this was because I thought it was cute and everyone needs heart shaped biscuits in their life!

7. Caroline Gardner Ball Point Pen

You can never have too many pens! This was brought with my notebooks, and it's very pretty and colourful. There's not much you can say about pen's is there?

8. Benefit's 'Hello Flawless' Foundation 

I've been buying Benefit products for years. That's a lie. I got a 'They're Real' sample in Vogue once and then went onto buy the full size because it's brilliant! I wear make-up about once a month, so I rarely buy it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to use good quality products and spending a bit more money on it. The Hello Flawless foundation is very light on the skin and encourages a natural looking glow due to its oil-free formula. The foundation comes with an SPF 25 which makes it perfect for when the sun comes out. I'm very much enjoying this foundation as it gives me a light coverage which helps to enhance a natural complexion. I got this for £26.50

9. Benefit's 'High Beam' Complexion Enhancer

'High Beam' can be used a highlighter for your complexion and can be used before or after make-up. I prefer to use this then bronzer all together, it helps to give a more healthy glow and can be applied with fingertips! I got this for just £19.50.

10. Scrabble Style Mug 

I got this because I thought it was cute and because I 100% need it, obviously. 

11. Small Clip Top Glass Jar 

Useful for storage and basically adorable, lets be honesty here, I needed this. 

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  1. I have that mug! With an A. Such a good mug for a cup of tea. Great choice! x


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