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Sunday, 22 June 2014

For years on end I moaned about never having money (I still do) and not being able to buy decent cosmetics or toiletries. I remember going in to Lush in town and spending about half an hour smelling everything and then leaving with one bath bomb. 

But now I have money and spend/waste all my wages on cosmetics. The majority of it being from Lush so I thought it would be a good idea to put together a post on a few of my favourite bits!

 Sympathy for the Skin

Sympathy for the skin is a thick, creamy moisturising cream to be used on the face and body. Lush describe it to be a 'body lotion' but it takes about a decade to dry so I tend to just use it on my face and hands. I've been using Sympathy for the Skin for years after being given a sample size and thinking it was the best thing ever. Packed with bananas and cocoa butter this moisturiser is aimed at people with sensitive and sore skin as it soothes and is bursting with vitamins and minerals! It does take a long time to absorb to the skin but it will leave it feeling soft and smooth! It's also a great moisturiser for shaving rashes and cuts due to the almond oil.

                           Mint Julips

                      (Check it out here!)

After reading many reviews and hearing many people comment on the quality of Lush's lip scrubs I decided to give it a go myself! Mint Julips is a combination of peppermint oil, caster sugar, vanilla extract and jojoba oil. It's a gentle lip scrub with super powers. No matter how chapped your lips may be, a few seconds with a lush lip scrub and they'll be smooth and sweet! Mint Julips is excellent at getting rid of flaky skin and preparing lips for lipstick, xoxo

     9 To 5

If like me you're lazy when it comes to skin care or 'too busy' as I like to call it, then 9 to 5 is perfect for you. 9 to 5 is a light cleanser which will help to brighten up and refresh skin after a long day and leave it smelling ever so sweet! Put together of dove orchid and almond oil 9 to 5 is excellent for clearing up and hydrating troublesome skin. This stuff is real good man.

Ocean Salt

It took me a good 10/15 minutes walking around Lush until I made the best decision of my entire life. Ocean Salt is the gold dust of Lush. I got myself a 250ml pot, and within 3 showers the pot was empty. Ocean Salt is put together of lime, grapefruit, sea salt and er, vodka, to help scrub away dead skin and exfoliate the body. It also consists of avocado butter, coconut oil and seaweed which helps to soften and condition the skin! It's fair to say I've fallen head over heels in love with this product, it's so damn good. 

Let The Good Times Roll

When you order from the Lush website they will often send you a sample product to try out, which you will then convince you to go on and buy the full size, leaving you skint and with a years worth of cleanser, which you will use about once a week. That's the story behind Let The Good Times Roll. Or at least it was for me. No seriously, I have so much of this stuff to use before it goes out of date. Let The Good Times Roll will exfoliate your skin and leave it smelling sweet thanks to it's buttery popcorn scent. This cleanser is a treat for the skin and will enhance a natural glow and soften the skin!

  Cosmetic Warrior

Cosmetic Warrior is a fresh face mask from Lush and is said to help troublesome skin with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. It works in the same way as any face mask ever so there's not an awful amount I can say about it. It's put together from honey, tea tree oil and fresh grapes which all help to freshen the skin and leave it smelling rather wonderful.  

Hair Doctor

Hair Doctor is the first hair mask I've ever owned so I don't have much to compare it to. I'd recommend this to anyone with split ends, dry hair or hair that just needs a bit of TLC! It's full of Irish moss powder, fullers earth and coconut oil, which between them help to soften, cleanse and moisturise. I tend to use this product only when my hair is need of a bit more life as I find it can make my hair quite greasy in the long run. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to add a bit more life to their hair or scalp, even if you do just use it the once!

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